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Participant Platform Features

5 Self-Assessments leading to job matches



Work Interests

Personal Characteristics

Entry-Level Skills

Transferable Skills

Advanced-Level Skills

600+ Career Profiles and 3,500+ Skill Descriptions



Based on O-Net

Green Jobs Flagged

Related/Next Step Jobs Flagged

Core and Related Skills Defined

Available Courses Assigned by Skill

Over 550 self-directed courses to choose from



SkillSoft (550)

SWIFT Branded (32)

Custom Development Available

Online and/or Downloadable

Certificates of Completion

Course Catalogue

Over 60 Multiple-Choice Skill Assessments



Essential-Level Skills

Life, Career & Business Skills

Written by Certified Educators

Creation and Loading Services

Assessment Catalogue

48 Exciting Job Role Certification Program Options



Hosted online in PDF

SWIFT Branded

Client Custom Branded Option

Sample Certification

Certification Catalogue

Many Powerful System Features and Tools



Self-Directed Orientation

Participant Community

Simplified Job Search Interface

User Guides and Help Modules

Learning Plan and Resources

Individual Employment Plan

Phone/Email/Live Chat Support

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