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HR Screening Assessment Systems

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Recruit, Hire and Place valuable employees with a trusted and convenient skill screening solution.


SWIFT's HR Screening Solution provides recruiters and managers with a comprehensive skill screening platform and support system for job candidates. Select from skill screening tests that measure the key skills required for positions in your organization. From test assignment to test results, we give you the tools and provide the services you need to easily find the right candidate at the right time.

1. Generate Interest and Recruit Job Candidates


Whether you're a recruiter or tasked with hiring for a position from within, your primary goal is to find the most qualified candidates for the job. Searching through a stack of resumes for the best candidates is very time-consuming, especially when you have an urgent need to fill a position. By incorporating SWIFT's skill screening tests in your hiring process, you can speed up your search.


2. Assess Candidates and Evaluate Their Skills


If you introduce skill screening as part of the job application or after your initial review, you'll gain an objective, cost-effective means to evaluate candidates on the skills most important to the position. With SWIFT's HR Screening Solution:









3. Interview Candidates and Make The Final Selection


By adding an objective measurement of candidate skills into your interviewing practices, you can reach an informed and more effective hiring decision, faster.


Your organization and your candidates benefit from a skill screening solution that features:


Credible Test Content:


All tests are written by certified educators and are based on industry standard online course content available in the system that candidates can access right after their testing is complete.


Reliable and Secure Testing Engine:


All 40 question, timed, multiple-choice tests draw from a larger pool of question items and questions are delivered randomly; ensuring the integrity of candidate results and that no two tests are exactly alike. Answers for each test are always kept confidential to ensure the further integrity of the testing environment.


Comprehensive Selection of Tests:


Leverage our existing test catalog to measure skills unique to Project Managers, Call Center Representatives, Office Staff or even your specialized job roles that you can pre-load question item content for.


You can even leverage skill screening tests for employee development. Contact us today so that we can discuss your talent management and HR screening needs.


Select from tests that assess the key skills typically required for your target job roles;

Assign all tests to all candidates to view results the moment they complete a test or keep them hidden;

Allow candidates to view results the moment they complete a test or keep them hidden;

Use convenient reporting tools or receive a customized test result report by email;

Assess test score and topic-by-topic breakdown results for each candidate.


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